River Men's Meeting

by: Jeb Brown

Men, what drives us? What’s most important to us? It's been said "we authentically pursue what we are convinced will bring us the most pleasure.” Asking these questions in the light of this information begins to reveal what it is that really makes us tick. Maybe you've asked these questions and have not liked what you've found. Maybe you don't know how to change that. Whatever the case may be, Christ is the answer and he has all of the answers.

So I've got a question for you. Would you join me on March 17 at 6 PM as we, the men of The River, get together and eat some good food, have some good laughs, and hang out with a great God? The theme of this meeting will be “Rooted. Grow deep. Live strong.” To be rooted in Christ, enjoying a deep and enduring relationship with him purchased by his blood, is our desire for every man, woman, child and family of The River. So let it start with us, men. Let this be step one in the rest of our life… growing deeper, living stronger… Because Jesus is what makes us tick.

Hang tight while we prepare your form...